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20150718 Carterton Night Shoot

The Wairarapa Camera Club organised an outing in Carterton to shoot it at night. I had a blast experimenting with what I could make out of the darkness.

An evening out in Carterton with the Wairarapa Camera Club.

An evening out in Carterton with the Wairarapa Camera Club.

20140508 Auckland

Whilst attending a conference in Auckland I went out for an early morning walk.


20140206 Ocean Beach

What was intended on being an exploration to find the remnants of a ship-wreck turned into a navigational mishap. But this did not stop us from collecting some images of what we found. I now know where to go for that ship-wreck next time.

Ocean Beach

20140126 Pahaoa Beach

This was initially a trip to Glendhu, but with the road missing due to repairs I headed to Pahaoa Station. The beach there is very wild, which makes for some dramatic images, the pancake rocks help too.

Pahaoa Station

Navigational Apps

From traveling around New Zealand and exploring places to shoot, I’ve tried a few navigational apps. Being able to find addresses or reverse your tracks has proven to be a life-saver on many occasions. Rather than run through the ones that suck (this list is quite large), I’ll provide a list of what i actually use (most used first)…

20130623 Supermoon @ Hau Nui Windfarm

A shoot at the Hau Nui Windfarm whilst the moon was at it’s brightest.

Peridgee Moon