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20160212 Showcase of the Best Local Music

Hemiona Walker and Real J. Paul perform some covers and originals at King Street Live. Fantastic to hear such awesome talent!

20150823 Martinborough Vineyard

Martinborough Village kindly extended an invitation to spend a sunny spring afternoon shooting Martinborough Vineyard. It was a glorious day, being at one of the founding vineyards of Martinborough made it even more picturesque.

We had the chance to taste a few wines. Their Pinot Noir’s have a fantastic character and the Chardonnay was gorgeously buttery and smooth.

Martinborough Vineyard Photo Gallery

Martinborough Vineyard Photo Gallery

20150807 Look at me: BW film street portraiture

Check out Look at me over at Inspired Eye. The execution of these images blows me away! It’s amazing to think how a concept so simple works so well.

Look at me: BW film street portraiture

20150718 Carterton Night Shoot

The Wairarapa Camera Club organised an outing in Carterton to shoot it at night. I had a blast experimenting with what I could make out of the darkness.

An evening out in Carterton with the Wairarapa Camera Club.

An evening out in Carterton with the Wairarapa Camera Club.

20150307 Martinborough Fair

This year’s Rotary Martinborough Fair was fantastic. The variety of stalls just gets better every time. A big thanks to the people at Martinborough Village for getting me onto the balcony of the Martinborough Hotel so I could get a birds eye view.

Martinborough Fair, March 2015

Martinborough Fair, March 2015

Why Fujifilm users are so satisfied

Ben Cherry wrote an article on In My Bag describing why he loves the Fujifilm X series cameras and lenses. The points made in this article hit the nail on the head. The biggest thing that attracts me to the Fujifilm X series (which Ben did not mention) is the lack of interference. By interference I mean that it is easy for the camera to become and extension of yourself and it doesn’t get in the way of shooting. To put it another way, they just get out of the way and let you shoot. The guys over at Inspired Eye did a fantastic podcast on interference, it’s definitely worth tracking down if you are considering a camera purchase.

20140906 Tora Coastal Challenge

The 2014 Tora Coastal Challenge was really hard. The mud was relentless which just made people push harder and past their limits. It was amazing to see how people dealt with such a difficult situation. It just goes to show that pushing one’s way through something with persistence can work (no matter how hard you think it is).

The Tora Coastal Challenge for 2014 was a mud-fest. 11kms of constant mud just to test one's endurance.