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20160715 Ashton Sellars

Ashton Sellars and his friendly band came to The Village Cafe to play a set of wonderful jazz tunes. Many thanks to Jazz in Martinborough for hosting the event.

Mastering in Live

Mid-side frequency response

Mid-side frequency response.

MusicTech magazine have a fantastic article on mastering in Live. This is not an in-depth article on mastering, but rather some practical techniques one can use with Live‘s own tools. I love how simple and practical it is. Now I just need some time to put this in practice. The mid-side frequency response tailoring looks like it demands some special attention.

Mark Knopfler and his Six Favourite Guitars

Open Culture have a video documentary of Mark Knopfler about the six guitars that shaped his career. I’ve always been a big fan and loved the way he has matured. It’s impressive to see a musician remain true to themselves and continue to come up with good music that stands on its own.

Watching this documentary is well recommended, I got to see a very interesting side to the musician.

Also, have a listen to the album Privateering, it is an engineering marvel as well as musically brilliant!