dBx 386 Dual Channel Mic Preamp

Tube warmth that brings the best out of condenser mics. Whilst surprisingly simple, this pre-amp does a lot to extract more character out of a mic compared to plugging straight into a mixer channel. It is also useful for using the line level inputs on your mixer as extra mic channels.
Condenser mics seem to LOVE this preamp. The difference in sonic quality between this and other pre-amps has always blown me away.
It’s hard to say how much of an effect the tubes add to the final sound. I’ve not noticed any added nice distortion. My guess is that the bigger advantage of the tubes is the high voltage-gain class A configuration.
The digital side of this pre has always been rather quirky about what clock it will sync to. So I’ve never really used that part. But the analogue side has been solid.

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