Olympus 45mm f/1.8

When used right, this lens produces gorgeous pictures. But it does have some limitations, I’ll dig into all of that here.

The best aperture to use this lens at seems to be f/2.5 – f/3.2. The detail captured has to be seen to be believed. Bokeh is also rather smooth, at this aperture range you have a small enough depth of field to get a decent amount of bokeh.

Autofocus speed is horribly slow on the E-P2, but is wicked fast on the GF3 and it never hunts! Given that I have older camera bodies, this could be quite a pain until I upgrade. But, being a rather small lens, this is a well balanced fit on the GF3.

The minimum focus distance irks me. My style is to get close and get the details. This lens likes to work from a distance. So I’ve missed a few shots of the kids indoors. Olympus claim minimum focus to be 500mm, inside I’m often working at 300mm from my subject. So those shots where you have half a face filling the frame are not an option. But when you’re more than half a meter away from your subject it really comes into it’s own.

For me, this lens is a keeper because the results (when working at a distance) are stunning. When I want a telephoto effect, I’ll be reaching for this first.

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