Nikkor 35mm f/2 D

Simplicity is probably the best way to describe this lens. It’s not loaded with features but does it’s job well and without any fanfare. I’ve used this on film, FX and DX bodies. For DX there are better options to get a focal length that is 50mm equivalent.

This lens quickly became my favorite walk-around lens. It spent most of it’s life attached my D700. Even though I would carry other lenses with me, 98% of the shots I took used this lens. When shooting film I would put this lens on the film body and not bother to carry any other lenses.

Sharpness is fantastic once you get to f/4. But it’s improvement is only noticeable for pixel peepers. I tended to use this lens at f/2 most of the time to limit the depth of field.

Bokeh has a seven sided polygon shape, so this can be rather effective at creating nostalgic looking images. If you are looking for a cream machine, you’re probably better off seeking out the Sigma Art 35mm.

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