Panasonic DMC-GF3

Panasonic GF3

This camera was initially bought as a cheap way to test the micro four-thirds waters. It was available quite cheaply as a kit with the Panasonic 14mm lens. I was so blown away with results I was getting with this combination that I got hooked.

The colour rendering of this camera (even in raw) is a little Velvia-like. That is the blues and reds are a little strong. The tint of the blue channel leans a bit on the indigo side. The best part about this is that when I move the colour tint sliders to compensate I get a rendering that is not obtainable any other way.

Like any other micro four-thirds camera, this is just as happy with manual focus lenses.

It took me a little bit of adjusting to Panasonic’s way of setting aperture and shutter speed. But once I have the feel of it I can adjust these rather quickly. This camera also sports a touch screen which presents a quick menu when in shooting mode. When I put ISO and white balance on the quick menu it made the camera rather flexible.

Overall, this is a fantastic run-around camera. Paired with either the 14mm or 20mm lens it is almost pocketable. It has taken some serious abuse from being the smallest object in a camera back and it still going strong. This was my gateway to micro four-thirds, it has hooked me and I’ll love it for that.

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