Olympus PEN E-P2

This is the camera system where Olympus get everything right. You don’t get how much fun this camera is until you use it.

The rendering of colours on this camera is exceptional. Nikon and Canon users would complain that the Olympus colour rendering is not as accurate. This would be true, but it is also more pleasing. I guess it would be more correct to say that if you want to make images that vomit colours then choose something else. But if you prefer more pleasant skin tones and landscapes that are slightly warmer, this is the way to go.

Coming from an E-PL1, the screen on this camera is gorgeous. It works better in sunlight and is easier to see details (even though they are both the same resolution).

White balance on this camera is taking some getting used to. I’ve come from systems where one needed to exert a good deal of control over white balance. This camera seems to work fantastically well in auto white balance mode. So I’m working on changing my way of doing things so I do not have to think about white balance any more. It’s going to be hard to hang the Expodisc up. Maybe it will still come out in mixed lighting situations, but it is now one less item I need to carry.

Like Nikon cameras, this camera seems to love Sandisk cards.

I now feel I have a camera that works well with my love of odd manual focus lenses (esp. the Jackar 34mm). It’s works in a way that helps me create the images I want to create, plus the size/weight penalty is negligible.

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