Nikon D700

Nikon D700

I bought this camera from brand new. It replaced a D2x, which was awesome as the D2x weighed a ton. By today’s standards this is still a rather heavy (and solid) camera. But as my second job involves lifting heavy things, this has not bothered me. That still does not stop the entertainment when I hand it to someone.

The image quality of this camera is impeccable. I’ve never been able to fault it. Being able to shoot at really high ISOs has also made my life a ton easier for shooting under stage lighting. But it’s bulk (and that of the lenses it uses) are what lets it down. I would keep this camera if I were doing photography for photography’s sake. But usually, making images is a side purpose for any situation I am in.

Nikon got a hell of a lot right with this camera. You can easily adjust all major shooting settings without taking your eye from the viewfinder. No working through menus needed as there is a unique button for everything. For me this meant that the camera just got out of the way and let me shoot.

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    Mike Brebner 25 July 2013

    Hi Simon. I’m interested in getting a 2nd hand D700 as a 2nd body to a D800. I have Nikon lenses so sorry to say am not interested in the lens. If it was brought in NZ from a Nikon dealer I might be interested In buying it dependent on price… Drop me an email if you wish. regards

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