I work with a mix of cameras, from a Zennit film, to a Nikon D700 and micro four-thirds. Lately, I have been favouring a Fujifilm X-M1 with the Fujinon 27mm lens. This is a simple and lightweight combination that yields awesome results.

After reading some articles on using a film camera as a great way to practice, I bought some second hand film cameras and some film. What I learnt was that different cameras and film types present different limitations. To work within these limitations and craft good pictures forces one to expand one’s own perceived boundaries.

Film grain, colour rendering, dynamic range, lens softness and light fall-off/leaks all add a character to the image. In a perfect camera none of these are present, so it is easy to create a pleasing image. But when one can work to enhance these characters that contribute to the image and minimize the quirks that detract, that is when art forms.

From realizing that a lot of what contributes to the character of a camera is the lens, I started to experiment with micro four-thirds. This system has two big draw-cards: plenty of “interesting” lenses available and deliberately in-exact colour rendering. It also helps that there is a healthy second-hand market to assist me in my dabbling.

Cameras I currently own are:

Cameras I’ve used or own are:

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