CyanogenMod on a Huawei U8510 Blaze/Ideos X3

After reading lots of Android forums about how to install a custom ROM on this phone I ended up running in circles. It was not until I stood back and thought about how a Linux system boots and what it needs that I managed to filter the junk (there was lots of it) and get the job done. Here is a brief description of what I went through.

Firstly, Huawei should be ashamed to make a device with such minimal storage. In it’s factory configuration there is so much software installed that one has about 40MB of available space on the internal storage. Adding an SD card does not help much as all user data seems to go on the internal storage. By choosing a light version of CyanogenMod, I’ve been able to:

  • claim some more space back
  • install more apps
  • save battery
  • reduce interface lag

To get the installation done, you’ll firstly need the Android Development Kit. Copy the ROM you wish to install into the root of your SD card. Now use the ADK to run the following:

$ adb reboot recovery
$ fastboot erase recovery
$ fastboot flash recovery cwm-recovery_6.img
$ fastboot reboot

When the device reboots it will start the recovery manager. Use this to wipe your device to factory defaults and then choose the zip file of the ROM you wish to install and let it install it. When this process is done you can reboot into your newly upgraded ROM.

Using this technique, no rooting is required. Hopefully, this will save anybody wanting to get a custom ROM on their phone the pain of trawling many articles of rubbish.

I bought the U8510 because it is a small/cheap and easily pocketable phone. It’s just a pity that it needs a bit of work to make it usable.



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    Anthony Carrasco Jr. 30 June 2014

    Hi, Neversea.
    Just recently discovered your site searching for info on rooting my Huawei u8510… & end up being really into ALL your articles. Fantastic biography!
    Well, I decided to root my baby the other day. Try out this Joquim’s Custom ROM you recommend (enjoying it so far) & just wanted to know which more tips you can offer from your experiences using this phone.
    Maybe I´m a little late for this, but just wanted to save time getting the best out of my Ideos X3…. at least until next Black Friday!
    Take care! Really loving your site! Keep it on!

    • Reply
      Simon 30 June 2014

      Thanks for the encouragement. I’m afraid I don’t have that phone any more. It’s battery was holding very little charge so I decided to bin it. I do miss it as it took up very little space in my pocket.

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