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20140126 Pahaoa Beach

This was initially a trip to Glendhu, but with the road missing due to repairs I headed to Pahaoa Station. The beach there is very wild, which makes for some dramatic images, the pancake rocks help too.

Pahaoa Station

What it takes to Financially Succeed in Photography

Olivier Duong has written an article titled “the shocking truth about what it takes to succeed in photography“. His point-of-view may seem slanted, but it matches my experience in other industries. It’s sad to see that business acumen is more important that one’s craft. Those I know who professionally work in an arts field are very business oriented. The ones who are the happiest in their work tend to do just enough business development and marketing to keep a comfortable level of revenue coming in. Myself, I would love to understand just how to get this balance right.

Life After Photoshop

I keep coming back to life after photoshop. I’ve never been a photoshop user (long story), but I’m always interested in new techniques. This site is well worth keeping an eye on if you’re wanting to work with images but don’t want to pay Adobe tax.

East Geelong Football Club Hypno Show

East Geelong Football Club Hypno Show

Pakenham Football Club Hypno Show

Pakenham Football Club Hypno Show

LED Light Cube

I’m not a big fan of adding lighting to a scene, but that is mostly because I shoot stage shows. Every now and then I do something like a still life or shooting into a light source. In these times I’m craving the ability to generate my own light. It appears that the people who have invented the LED Light Cube have hit the nail on the head. I’m fascinated to see what this product will look like when it’s complete.

The Death of Film

Tyler Shields has posted a fantastic movie portraying the death of film from the point of view of film. It’s very well produced and acted, a must watch!