Monthly Archives: August 2014

20140811 Constellation Brands Hypno Show

Gerard and I had a fantastic time doing this hypno show for Constellation Brands. The Marlborough Convention Centre was a fantastic venue and the staff were nice. We were very impressed with the team from Marlborough Light and Sound who handled sound and lighting for us.

Constellation Brands Hypno Show

Moving Hosting Providers

I’m in the middle of migrating all my data and web site from 24/7 Hosting to SiteHost. This time I decided to use a VPS so I get complete control rather than living within the limitations of pre-packaged solutions. It has taken me quite a bit to set it up, but I’m now loving the control I now have. DNS domains are still proving to be difficult (groan).

So goodbye 24/7 Hosting and hello SiteHost! Let’s get some reliability back!